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(*) = included in What to Look for in a Classroom ... and Other Essays

(**) = included in What Does It Mean to Be Well Educated? ... and Other Essays

(#) = included in Feel-Bad Education ... and Other Contrarian Essays on Children and Schooling

Education Periodicals

General Interest Periodicals

Parenting Magazines

Business Magazines

Interviews and Profiles

Book Chapters & Forewords

Education Periodicals

Phi Delta Kappan

Education Week

Chronicle of Higher Education

Young Children

American School Board Journal

School Administrator

Educational Leadership [also see INTERVIEWS, below]

Principal Leadership [NASSP]

NewsLeader [NASSP]

Principal [NAESP]

Streamlined Seminar [NAESP]

High School Magazine

District Administration

Educational Horizons

Independent School [also see INTERVIEWS, below]

Independent Teacher

English Journal

Language Arts

  • "Poor Teaching for Poor Kids," January 2002

Schools: Studies in Education

Rethinking Schools

Kappa Delta Pi Record

Reaching Today's Youth


Learning Magazine

Knowledge Quest

Camping Magazine

School Board News

NAMTA Journal

  • "The Schools Our Children Deserve: Helping Parents Understand the Rationale for Alternative Education," Winter 2007
  • "Raising Children Who Care," Spring 2000
  • "Beyond Bribes and Threats: How Not to Get Control of the Classroom," Winter 1998

Journal of Teacher Education

  • "Burnt at the High Stakes," vol. 51, no. 4, September/October 2000

Journal of Education

Teacher Magazine

  • "Joyless Endeavors" [reprint of "Feel-Bad Education" in Education Week], November/December 2004
  • "The ABCs of Caring," January/February 1990
  • "Human Nature's Brighter Side," June/July 1990

ERIC Digest

Cooperative Learning Magazine

Cooperative Learning and College Teaching

  • "Beyond the Traditional Classroom: From Degrading to De-Grading," Spring 1994

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General Interest Periodicals

New York Times

Washington Post [also see INTERVIEWS, below]

USA Today

Boston Globe [partial listing]

The Nation [partial listing]

The Atlantic Monthly

Huffington Post

American Health


  • "The Risks of Rewards," May 1990

Reader's Digest

  • "Don't Believe Everything You Hear," July 1992
  • "You Know What They Say...," July 1988

Psychology Today [partial listing]

  • "Do Religious People Help More? Not So You'd Notice," December 1989
  • "After Happily Ever After," January-February 1989
  • "Evidence for a Moral Tradition," January-February 1989
  • "Beyond Selfishness," October 1988
  • "Are Humans Innately Aggressive?", June 1988
  • "You Know What They Say...," April 1988
  • "Girl Talk, Guy Talk," February 1988
  • "Making the Most of Marriage," December 1987
  • "It's Hard to Get Left Out of a Pair" (profile of Johnson brothers), October 1987
  • "Art for Art's Sake" (profile of Teresa Amabile), September 1987
  • "How to Succeed Without Even Vying," September 1986

Boston Magazine

New England Monthly

Boston Phoenix

Women's Sports & Fitness

The Georgia Review


  • "The Real Threat to American Schools," March/April 2001

The Sondheim Review

Brown Daily Herald

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Parenting Magazines

Parents Magazine

Parenting Magazine

  • "How to Raise an Assertive Child (But Not an Aggressive One)," April 1995

Growing Without Schooling

  • "Rethinking Discipline: A Conversation with Alfie Kohn," May-June 1997

Ladies Home Journal

  • "The Spoiled Child," May 1991
  • "Raising Kids Who Care," December 1989
  • "The New Discipline," November 1989

Family Circle

Working Mother

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Business Magazines

Harvard Business Review

  • "Why Incentive Plans Cannot Work," September-October 1993

Compensation and Benefits Review

Inc. magazine

  • "Incentives Can Be Bad for Business," January 1988
  • "No Contest," November 1987

(For more business-related publications, please see the Rethinking Management page.)

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Interviews and Profiles

Educational Leadership

Washington Post

Hope Magazine


American School Board Journal

  • "Battling 'Myths': A Q&A with Author Alfie Kohn" [about homework], February 2007

English Education

Los Angeles Times

  • "Crusader Argues School Reforms Hinder Learning," Feb. 22, 2000

Independent School

Paths of Learning

  • "The Compassion Our Children Deserve: An Interview with Alfie Kohn," Winter 2000

Creative Classroom

  • "Testing on Trial: Educator Alfie Kohn Speaks Out," January/February 2002

Harvard Education Letter

The Constructivist

  • "A Conversation with Alfie Kohn," Summer 1997

Growing Without Schooling

  • "Rethinking Discipline: A Conversation with Alfie Kohn," May-June 1997
  • "The Trouble with Rewards: An Interview with Alfie Kohn," September-October 1994

The Active Learner: A Foxfire Journal for Teachers

  • "Offering Challenges, Creating Cognitive Dissonance," March and July 1997

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Book Chapters & Forewords

  • "Test Today, Privatize Tomorrow: Using Accountability to 'Reform' Public Schools to Death," in The Assault on Public Education: Confronting the Politics of Corporate School Reform, edited by William Watkins (Teachers College Press, 2012)
  • Foreword to Turning Points: 27 Visionaries in Education Tell Their Own Stories, edited by Jerry Mintz and Carlo Ricci (Alternative Education Resource Organization, 2009)
  • "The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation," in Grade Inflation: Academic Standards in Higher Education, edited by Lester H. Hunt (SUNY Press, 2008). [For a similar article, see this essay of the same name.]
  • "The Trouble with Pure Freedom: A Case for Active Adult Involvement in Progressive Education," in The Directory of Democratic Education, 2nd ed., edited by Dana M. Bennis and Isaac R. Graves (Alternative Education Resource Organization, 2007)
  • Foreword to Psychology of Academic Cheating, edited by Eric M. Anderman and Tamera B. Murdock (Academic Press, 2006). [For a similar article, see "Who's Cheating Whom?"]
  • Foreword to Rethinking Rubrics in Writing Assessment by Maja Wilson (Heinemann, 2006). [For a similar article, see "The Trouble with Rubrics."]
  • "NCLB and the Effort to Privatize Public Education," in Many Children Left Behind, edited by Deborah Meier and George Wood (Beacon Press, 2004). [For a similar article, see "Test Today, Privatize Tomorrow."]
  • Foreword to Learning to Trust: Transforming Difficult Elementary Classrooms Through Developmental Discipline by Marilyn Watson (Jossey-Bass, 2003)
  • Foreword to What Happened to Recess and Why Are Our Children Struggling in Kindergarten? by Susan Ohanian (McGraw-Hill, 2002)
  • "Early Childhood Education: The Case Against Direct Instruction of Academic Skills," in The Schools Our Children Deserve (Houghton Mifflin, 1999)
  • "A Look at Maslow's Basic Propositions," in Perceiving, Behaving, Becoming: Lessons Learned, edited by H. J. Freiberg (ASCD, 1999) (**)
  • [autobiographical] Foreword to What to Look for in a Classroom...And Other Essays (Jossey-Bass, 1998)
  • "Television and Children: ReViewing the Evidence," in What to Look for in a Classroom... And Other Essays (Jossey-Bass, 1998) (*)
  • "The Trouble with Character Education," in The Construction of Children's Character - 96th Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Part II, edited by A. Molnar (Univ. of Chicago Press, 1997) [For a similar article, see "How Not to Teach Values."]
  • "Cooperation: What It Means and Doesn't Mean," in Cooperation: Beyond the Age of Competition, edited by A. Combs (Gordon & Breach, 1992)

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(*) = included in What to Look for in a Classroom ... and Other Essays

(**) = included in What Does It Mean to Be Well Educated? ... and Other Essays

(#) = included in Feel-Bad Education ... and Other Contrarian Essays on Children and Schooling


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